Warehouse/ Labor Camp Construction Finance

WAREHOUSE / LABOR CAMP construction finance occurs when a lender lends to a borrower using the inventory as collateral. We arrange finances to SME or corporate for commercial properties such as office space, retail space, warehouse, labor camps, residential complexes, etc. We support the businesses and corporations with structured arrangements that would enable the business to put their capital to better and more profitable uses.

We arrange both warehouse construction finance and labor camp construction finance for our clients.

Financial market imperfections can have a significant impact on the employment decisions of firms. We will always ensure that our clients have links to many trust options and ensure that your money remains where you want it. We are experts who assist in banking facilities and business expansion as well as guide in financial advising. Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships and ensure that the financial planning of your construction project is on the right way. Our experts will guide throughout the process.

Credit & Commerce assists our clients to acquire the best construction finance for warehouses or other labor camp projects.

Our precious clients